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Admissions open for classes Pre-Nursery to Class IXth and XIth (All Streams) for the Academic session 2021-22.For any enquiry, please contact 7253000601 / 7253000602                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Transport Facilities

The services of school bus will be made available to all the students. Efforts have been made to ensure that the bus follows all the major routes. Proper precautionary measures have been taken to ensure safety of students at all cost. All the transport vehicles are GPS enabled with seat belts. Trained and experienced drivers have been appointed.

Safety Features in the transport system
  • All school buses will carry a permitted number of students in accordance with the capacity of the bus.
  • A guard will escort the students to ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • All buses will have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs.
  • All the buses will have feature of GPS tracking. Parents can track the route of the bus while at home.
  • Special intimation will be given to parents through SMS, prior the arrival of their ward at the bus stop.

Medical facilities

An In- house medical care facility (school infirmary) has been provided for to meet any medical emergency.

  • The school is well equipped to provide first aid and general health care to students. The school has a tie up with a leading hospital for any medical emergency of specialized nature.
  • The infirmary will be supervised by a qualified nurse and will be stocked with the necessary equipments and medicines.
  • The school clinic maintains an updated medical record of all students .
  • Any direction given by the school regarding the health of child should be taken seriously by the parents.
  • Nursing staff and Doctor on call will be available in the school.
  • An ambulance will be present in school for medical emergency situations.

Safety And Security

Safety comes as a priority issue for us, which is very much evident in our conduct.

The school building has been built according to the code specified by CBSE.

Specific emergency related practice drills have been prepared for the students and will be conducted on a regular basis. The whole school will be under CCTV Surveillance at all times. There will be strict supervision at all entry points and access will be restricted.

  • Various Precautionary measures have been taken for instance,
    • Preparing and practicing an evacuation plan
    • Safe and secure furniture.
    • Setting up efficient fire alarm system.