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Admissions open for classes Pre-Nursery to Class IXth and XIth (All Streams) for the Academic session 2021-22.For any enquiry, please contact 7253000601 / 7253000602                                                                                                                                                                                                    


An In-house medical care facility (school infirmary) has been provided to meet any medical emergency.

  • The school is well equipped to provide first aid and general health care to students. The school has a tie up with a leading hospital for any medical emergency of specialized nature.
  • The infirmary is supervised by a qualified nurse and is stocked with the necessary equipment and medicines.
  • The school clinic maintains an updated medical record of all students,also available to parents via the school Erp Application.
  • Any direction given by the school regarding the health of a child should be taken seriously by the parents.
  • A vehicle is present in school for medical emergency situations.
  • An annual medical check up is conducted for all students by a qualified and reputed panel of doctors.


The services of the school bus are available to all the students who opt for it. Efforts have been made to ensure that the bus follows all the major routes. Proper precautionary measures are taken to ensure the safety of students at all cost. All the transport vehicles are GPS enabled with seat belts. Trained and experienced drivers have been appointed.

Important Features in the transport system

  • All school buses carry a permitted number of students in accordance with the capacity of the bus.
  • A female attendant escorts the students to ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • All buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs.
  • All buses are Ac for the comfort of the students while travelling.
  • Cameras are installed in all buses.
  • All the buses have a GPS tracking feature. Parents can track the route of the bus on their mobile application.


School has a canteen facility available for the students where home cooked meal recipes are served. No aerated drinks or junk items are allowed. All food items are regularly and randomly checked by school authorities to monitor quality and hygiene. Canteen is available to Class VI and above daily while for classes I to V one day of the week has been granted to avail canteen facility.

Safety & Surveillance

Safety comes as a priority issue for us, which is very much evident in our conduct.

The school building has been built according to the safety code specified by CBSE.

Specific emergency related practice drills are regularly conducted for the students .The whole school is under CCTV Surveillance at all times. There is strict supervision at all entry points and access is restricted.Guard man all the entry and exit points.A lady guard is stationed within the School premises who takes constant rounds and looks after student safety while also supervising the support staff.

Counselling Centre

We have a qualified and experienced Counsellor who visits the School regularly. She takes group sessions class wise as well as individual cases based on observations, recommendations or voluntary. The students are aware that help if needed is always available.


The School Edunext application is well-equipped with various functionalities for the parents

  • Updated Attendance
  • Daily Homework
  • Important Circular
  • Communicate tab
  • Daily Time-Table
  • Library Transaction Record
  • Fee Details
  • Online Fee Payment facility
  • Examination Results
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Infirmary Details
  • Examination Syllabus